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Frequently asked questions

Below, is the list of questions that we are commonly asked by visitors interested in advertising their holiday accommodation with

Common questions

How do I add an advert?

You can add your holiday accommodation advert by visiting our sign up page and choosing from one of our account types.

How do I change my advert details?

You can change your advert details any time by logging in on the members page, using your chosen username and password.

How do I remove my advert?

You can remove your advert from the members page, once you have logged in.

How do I add an image to my advert?

You can add images from the members page, once you have logged in.

Are there any hidden costs for the free account?

There are no hidden costs. If you select the free account, then there will be £0 charges.

How long does it take for an advert to go live?

Each advert is check before it goes live. This usually takes from a couple of days to several weeks, depending on the time of year.